Here Fishy Fishy | Sharp Edge 8 piece polyhedral DnD ttrpg dice


A handmade dice set of epoxy resin, this sharp edged set features the standard set of 8 dice: two d20s, d12, d10, d8,d6, d4 and a percentile dice.

Tucked into seven of the dies are little goldfish decals with lilypads 'floating' on the top of the blue water layer. The spare d20 matches the blue resin of the set but is otherwise clear. This set is inked in a pale green.

Please note that all dice are made by hand and may have small imperfections and vary slightly from each other due to the dice making process.

Flaws: micro scratches on some faces, raised face (#7) on the fishy d20, which is why a second, more accurate d20 is included. Due to the decals, some bubbles were trapped in the resin between layers.

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