Borealis Lights | Sharp Edge 8 piece polyhedral DnD ttrpg dice


A handmade dice set of epoxy resin, this sharp edged set features the standard set of 8 dice: d20, d12, d10, d8,d6, d4, a d2 token, and a percentile dice.

In the frozen north, your guide tells you that there's a wonderful thing that happens at night. You wait, huddled close with your party and look up, waiting for something to happen. Ribbons of light start to dance over the sky, in blues, greens, and purples. You ask if it's magic, but your guide just smiles and shakes their head.

Please note that all dice are made by hand and may have small imperfections and vary slightly from each other due to the dice making process.

Flaws: micro scratches on some faces, some imperfect edges on d4, d8, d10 and a noticeable dent on the d4's '4' face and a on the percentile die's '80' face.

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