Albino Mothman | Sharp Edge 7 piece polyhedral DnD ttrpg dice


It's been a hard year, and in the darkness of Appalachian January, it feels like the slog of work is getting to be just a little too hard. You blink, exhausted after your shift, and turn down the local road that will bring you home.

Something catches the dim light from your headlights. Flat red eyes glow in the dark sky, and you can see that this mothman is uh... less... stealthy than it's darker cousin.

(Albino) Mothman.


A handmade dice set of epoxy resin, this sharp edged set features the standard set of 7 dice: d20, d12, d10, d8,d6, d4, and a percentile dice.

Please note that all dice are made by hand and may have small imperfections and vary slightly from each other due to the dice making process.

Flaws: some microscratches, some imperfect edges. mothman placement will vary between sets and some mothmans are shy.

Please note that these orders will require an extra day of processing. Thank you!

Reviews (5)


Flawless polish and super cute. I love my lil baby mothlings.

The little mothman are so cute. Something heart shaped is on the bottom of them. Super cute though.

The dice look amazing and no defects! Huge fan of the fallout series so I had to get these. Thank you again!

Absolutely mind-breakingly adorable. I was SO excited when I managed to snag a set and even more so once they arrived in my mailbox!! I love the tiny details of the flecking of black on the mothman's little wings in each die and the shine of their eyes when they come up in rolls. They're so much fun to look at and even more fun to roll. Hoping to also get my mothman adoring paws on a classic set in the future, thank you for such fun dice!! (Disclaimer: The mothman figurine in the pic does not come with the dice! Just a fun touch from my collection for the pic.)

Absolutely love this set.

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